How did the name come up?

“Suubi lya baana“ is an expression in Luganda (the most common language in Uganda) which translated means “Hope of children“. This name was picked by the children of Child Restoration Outreach Jinja themselves. Since their passion caused SLB to be founded, we wanted them to be involved in the establishment of this association.

What we do

Founded on December 10th, 2017 in Hamburg, the association “Suubi lya baana e.V.“ plans to support the general international development due to the principal “helping people help themselves“. For the start SLB is partnering the Ugandan NGO “Child Restoration Outreach Jinja“ which is supporting street children. With the collected funds we plan to help CRO enroll the children in the school system and furtherone initialize long-term community projects enhancing the children’s families general welfare and independence.

Currently supported children

Rehabilitation class
Primary School
Secondary School
Vocational Training

Where are we supportive?